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Cannabidiol and the reduction of breast cancer

Invasion and metastasis of aggressive breast cancer cells are the final and fatal steps during cancer progression. Clinically, there are still limited therapeutic interventions for aggressive and metastatic breast cancers available. Id-1, an inhibitor of basic...

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Breast Cancer Awareness: Marijuana Kills Cancer Cells

By: Marijuana Health Facts Breast cancer kills more than 41,000 americans a year, researchers in the San Francisco lab are working on how to shrink that number down. They are using a unusual weapon called Marijuana, at least the compound form of it. What they found is...

Cannabis Oil Killed My Stage IV Breast Cancer.

By: samiip123 April 2009 she had a lumpectoher to remove the tumors followed by chemo and radiation in 2013 she visited her then family doctor every couple of months forehead pains like throbbing and dizziness at the end of 2013 she had an MRI and the doctor called...